Heating with biomass

Biomass: CO2-neutral and eco-friendly

Thanks to its numerous advantages, heating with biomass continues to be on the rise. Cheap fuels, innovative biomass boilers and a strong environmental awareness lead to more and more people switching to renewable energies.

Pellets, wood chips or wood logs: When it comes to heating with biomass, Hargassner has the ideal solution on hand. Our innovative solid fuel boilers guarantee highest efficiency levels and lowest emission values.

Additionally, heating with biomass promotes the local economy. How? Watch this video and see for yourself!

Wood chips

Heating with wood chips is environmentally friendly. Compared to fossil fuels and even other forms of biomass, wood chips are considered the cheapest form of heating


Pellet heating is considered to be especially environmentally friendly, cheap and efficient - thanks to first-class energy and fuel values. Also, storing pellets is usually much easier than, for example, with logs or woodchips.