An ideal solution for heating hotels, spas or restaurants

Heating with pellets or wood chips creates comfortable ambience

An ideal solution for heating hotels, spas or restaurants

Experience and good quality resources of raw materials result in an excellent product.

Hospitality Industry

From hotels off the gas grid through spa hotels or simply a restaurant:

For decades, GILLES / HARGASSNER heating systems have been known for maximum reliability in heavy and continuous use. The GILLES / HARGASSNER boiler are characterised by solid components, exclusive use of control elements according to industrial standards e.g. drive motors from renowned manufacturers from Austria and Germany. Reliability as well as low operating costs are the reason why GILLES / HARGASSNER boilers are located in the most elite hotels across Europe as well as in residential complexes, providing their owners with significant savings but above all reliability in operation.

Pellet and wood heating
produced in Austria:

from Weng to the world


Fast service and original spare parts

As manufacturer, we know our systems and all their individual parts from the inside. Therefore, we can quickly identify the causes of the problem and guarantee a quick solution. We keep all the parts that are necessary for work in stock, and our own factory trained service engineers personally ensure that interruptions are minimised.. We are also available to advise and help our customers across Europe at any time!


Low heating costs

The operation of a biomass heating system on pellets, wood chips or other biogenic fuels is not only characterised by excellent ecological balance and high efficiency, but results in low heating costs! GILLES / HARGASSNER also supplies wood chip and pellet heating systems that are precisely dimensioned and technically equipped according to specific requirements. This ensures reliable operation in practice and low running costs.


High level of comfort at great prices

No one wants to struggle with an unnecessarily complicated control. GILLES / HARGASSNER heating systems are very easy to operate. Intuitive navigation of the menu with images makes the operation of heating control as simple as it can be. Via a smartphone or tablet you can monitor and control the system even while you are on vacation. The great price-quality ratio of our boiler and economic heating fuel ensure a quick return on your investment.

Local fuel, CO2 neutral and sustainable for our future

Whether you use wood chips, pellets or logs, using wood – a regenerative source – significantly reduces your CO2 emissions. Regional added value also provides local jobs, unlike fossil fuels and gas. State-of-the-art combustion and control technologies ensure highly efficient and clean combustion.

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