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Heating solutions of the future: sustainable heating systems

Extremely robust wood and pellet boilers from 180 kW to 2500 kW are a specialty of GILLES / HARGASSNER. They enable environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral heat production. Thanks to our long experience in the industry, these heating boilers are designed for continuous, long-lasting, reliable operation, using industrial components as well as control elements in accordance with industrial standards and drive motors from quality Austrian and German manufacturers. Direct manufacturer service and the fast direct delivery of spare parts complete the benefits of the GILLES / HARGASSNER heating system.

Pellet and wood heating
produced in Austria:

from Weng to the world


Low Heating Costs

The operation of a biomass heating system on pellets, wood chips or other biogenic fuels is not only characterised by excellent ecological balance and high efficiency, but results in low heating costs! GILLES / HARGASSNER also supplies wood chip and pellet heating systems that are precisely dimensioned and technically equipped according to specific requirements. This ensures reliable operation in practice and low running costs.


Fuel-adapted Technology

Whether it is conventional wood chips or pellets of all kinds, wood waste, corn cobs, miscanthus, soybean straw or other biogenic fuels, GILLES / HARGASSNER offers the right combustion technology for every type of fuel. Whether dry or very wet, GILLES / HARGASSNER has the right solution. All our district heating systems have fully automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger without interruption of the plant operation. The boiler efficiency up to 95% speaks for itself.


A Smart Solution For Every Situation

GILLES / HARGASSNER puts a lot of enthusiasm into the details. With a compact fuel tank solution, complete heating systems, including fuel storage, can be installed quickly and cost effectively. They can also be perfectly adapted to specific requirements on site. The control unit developed by GILLES / HARGASSNER is a revolution. With a 10.1” touch display, the boiler can be easily operated from anywhere in the world, at any time, via the Internet.

Reliability in operation

Providing heat means a great responsibility. Therefore, it is even more important that the manufacturer knows his system perfectly, as well as its components from the inside. In case any problem occurs, it is necessary to identify it quickly and provide an appropriate solution even faster. Downtimes are minimised thanks to the help of our experts. Due to the fact that we keep a large stock of spare parts necessary for the smooth operation of the entire system, as well as the rapid response of our own service department. This is regardless if you are located in Austria or anywhere else in Europe.

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